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2021 Final List of Candidates for the Positions of Member-elected Trustee


  • Voting for the two (2) Thebemed Member Trustees opens on Monday 12 April and ends on Friday 30 April 2021.
  • Members with email addresses will receive an email with their Unique Ballot Paper Number and a link to The Elexions Agency Voting Platform to authenticate themselves and vote for their  two candidates, by following the Voting Instructions embedded in the mailer.
  • Members without email addresses will be able to vote at the identified Voting Sites listed below once or twice a week during the three week period.  The dates will be confirmed on site.
  • Members whose companies do not appear in the “List of Voting Stations” below, will receive their ballot papers by post and/or email.
  • Make sure to have your membership card and ID in order to vote on-site.